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June 10, 2018
Five Minutes Of Funk Complete

Five Minutes Of Funk Complete

To begin using Group Ex Class Planner, you will need to create an account by entering your email address and selecting a password. Once your information is entered, click the “Register” button which will start the Class Plan Wizard to assist in creating your first class plan. Group Ex Class Planner allows users to assign class types to class plans.  A class plan can have one or more class plan types.  This gives users the flexibility to create different classes like a “Funday Monday” class plan that is used in both boot camp and core classes.


Step 1 of the wizard allows you to create class plan types like Boot Camp or Pure Strength.  Each class plan type is created by typing the name of the class plan type in the “Class Type” field and pressing the “Create” button.  After completing the wizard, users will have the ability to manage class plan types using the “Manage” menu option at the top of the application.  In the example below we have created a Boot Camp class plan type and now we will click the “I am finished adding class types” button.

Wizard Step 1

Step 2 of the wizard will allow users to add specific body parts used during a particular exercise to the system. For example, Biceps are the main body part used for Hammer Curls.  To add a body part to the system, enter the name of the body part in the “Body Part” field and click the “Create” button.  The illustration shows three body parts added of Core, Legs and whole body.  After adding the body parts click on the “I am finished adding body parts” button.

Wizard Step 2

Step 3 of the wizard will allow users to add exercise categories to the system.  Utilizing Exercise Categories will give users the ability to associate specific exercises with defined exercise categories like strength or cardio which can be used in the class plan analysis tool.  To add an Exercise Category, enter the name of the exercise category in the “Exercise Category Name” field and click the “Create” button.  The illustration shows two exercise categories, Cardio and Strength.  After adding the exercise categories, click the “I am finished adding exercise categories” buton.

Wizard Step 3

Step 4 of the wizard allows users to add exercises to the system for selection when creating class plans.  To add an Exercise, enter the name of the exercise in the “Exercise Name” field and any notes on execution in the “Notes” field.  To identify the specific body parts used for the exercise, click the box(s) next to the body part name in the “Body Parts” section. In the “Class Types” section click the box(s) for every class type you can use the exercise. The “Categories” section, select the various categories this exercise can be used. After adding the exercises, click the “I am finished adding exercises” button.

Wizard Step 4

The illustration shows three different exercises that have been added to the system.Wizard Step 4


Step 5 of the wizard allows users to create a Class Plan.  In the “Create A Class Plan” screen, select your class type.  Enter a name in the “Class Plan Name” field. Now you are ready to begin developing your class using our “Class Block” system to group your exercises. In the illustration, we have created a class plan called “Five Minutes of Funk” and the first block will be made up of strength exercises so we named it “Strength”.  After naming the class and first block, click the “Create” button to begin building your class plan with exercises.

Wizard Step 5

The set up wizard is now complete and you can begin adding exercises by clicking on the circled + button.

Five Minutes Of Funk Start

You are now on the Add Exercise screen. To add exercises, click the “Select Exercise” button to the right of the the “Exercise” field.
Add Exercise Empty

The “Select Exercise” pop up box will appear to search for exercises.  If you click the “Search” button, you will see all of the exercises added in the system. If you would like to narrow your search criteria, you can use the drop down boxes.

Add Exercise Pop Up Blank


The illustration below shows all three exercises that have been added to the system. Pick your desired exercise by clicking the “Select” button next to the exercise.

Add Exercise Pop Up With Search Results

We select “Plank” and the pop up window closes and we see “Plank” in the “Exercise” field. From here we need to enter the duration this exercise will be performed. For this demonstration we are using a time of 1 minute and 30 seconds for this exercise. The next step is to add the number of sets this exercise will be completed during this block. We have chosen only one on set for this demonstration. The “Sort Order” field is the order in which this exercise will appear in this block. If there are multiple exercises in a block you can have designated rest time between each exercise. The “Transition Time” field is used to indicate the amount of time needed to set up between different exercises. There is also a “Notes” field to use for specific instructions. Once all of your desired fields are completed,  click the “Add Exercise”.  Follow the same steps to add additional exercises to this block.

Add Exercise With Plank


Now you can begin adding additional blocks by entering the block names in the “Block Name” field and clicking the “Add Block” button. You will notice there are more options now that we have finished using the wizard. You can insert specific music and add any notes in the section. The “Sort Order” field displays the order in which the block appears in the class plan. The “Times Block is executed” is the number of sets this block will be performed.

Add Block

The illustration below shows the class plan we created with the two blocks and exercises we added to the first block.

Five Minutes Of Funk With Cardio Block

To add exercises to the “Cardio” block, click the circled + button and follow the steps for adding an exercise. The illustration shows we added a Burpee exercise to the Cardio block for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Remember you can continue to manage your class plan types, body parts and exercises under the manage menu item.

Five Minutes Of Funk Complete

We have completed the data entry required for our first class plan.  Notice that the system totals work, rest, transition time and total time for each block and for the entire class plan. 

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